Who do we honor and why?

Military Medals!

None for War Crime Whistle Blowers

      Military whistle blower, Bradley Manning, deserves a medal for heroism for exposing U.S. war crimes.  Instead, February 23, 2013 marks the young Army private’s 1,000 day behind bars awaiting trial. Supporters are gathering in cities across the U.S., Europe and Australia for marches, rallies, art installations, concerts, live theater, and other events to criticize the unjust prosecution and raise awareness about Manning’s case.

      Manning, an intelligence analyst, faces life in prison for passing classified documents, exposing crimes, abuse, and corruption, to WikiLeaks. He returns to court for a pretrial hearing February 26—March 1 in Fort Meade, MD, where Judge Denise Lind will rule on the defense’s motion to dismiss charges for lack of a speedy trial. Manning’s lawyer, David Coombs, says the military has made an “absolute mockery” of his client’s right to a speedy trial. Manning’s court-martial trial is scheduled to start June 3, 2013, more than three years after his arrest in May 2010. For more information on Bradley manning see Bradley Manning Support Network www.bradleymanning.org

But “Distinguished Warfare Medals” For Drone Pilots?

      US drone operators, cyber troops to get distinguished medal: On 14 Feb 2013 The Pentagon said it was creating the Distinguished Warfare Medal that can be awarded to those US troops who launch assassination drone strikes and direct cyber attacks. The outgoing US Defense Secretary, Leon Panetta, said that the US drone operators and those who direct cyber attacks would be eligible to receive the medal for their direct impact on a US military operation from afar. “I’ve seen firsthand how modern tools, like remotely piloted platforms and cyber systems, have changed the way wars are fought,” Panetta said. Besides the Killer drones named “Predator” and “Reaper,” the U.S. Air Force is developing tiny unmanned drones that will fly in swarms, hover like bees, crawl like spiders and even sneak up on unsuspecting targets and execute them. What’s next?

 On swarm drones see  http://www.informationclearinghouse.info/article34040.htm

For more information on Drones, see http://www.knowdrones.com/ and



Free Bradley Manning & Ground the Killer


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