U.S. – Korea War Dangers!

Is the US Preparing for War

Against North Korea?


      Recently the Trump administration flatly rejected China’s proposal for a “dual suspension”—of North Korea’s missile and nuclear programs and massive US war games underway in South Korea—as the basis for renewed negotiations. China’s attempt at dialogue appeared reasonable in an atmosphere of escalating tensions that could easily result in war between nuclear powers. It appears that the Trump administration is keeping all options on the table including regime change in North Korea and pre-emptive U.S. attack against North Korean nuclear facilities. The U.S. has recently moved missiles and killer drones into South Korea.

      Writers Peter Symonds and Bruce Gagnon lay out the path of this dangerous confrontation in important articles that can be viewed here. http://www.informationclearinghouse.info/46655.htm

https://popularresistance.org/u-s-considers-first-strike-attack-on-north-korea/   Symonds says “the current US-South Korean military exercises, involving more than 320,000 military personnel backed by the most sophisticated US air and naval power, provide an ideal opportunity for striking North Korea.” Symonds also adds “there is a real danger that the Trump administration will turn to war with North Korea in an attempt to project internal social and political tensions outward against the common “enemy.””

      In the event of such a war, the entire Asia region and world could be engulfed with massive casualties in the hundreds of thousands, millions and beyond. A nuclear war is in no ones interest.

We Say NO to War!

Reduce, Don’t Escalate Tensions!

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    5. Seek peace through peaceful means and work for justice in Hawai`i and around the world.

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