Historic “Golden Rule” Anti-nuke sailboat to visit Hawaii

The Vets for Peace anti-nuke historic sailboat The Golden Rule which attempted to sail from Honolulu to the atomic test site in the Marshall Islands in 1958 is being sailed to Hawaii in late spring/early summer 2018!!  It will go on to the Marshall Islands, Guam, Okinawa and Japan–arriving there in 2020.

Vets for Peace renovated the sailboat and has been sailing it on educational missions along the West Coast for the past two years.  

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The Golden Rule in Honolulu 1958
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Golden Rule in San Diego 2017
The GOLDEN RULE historic anti-nuclear sailing ship RETURNS TO HAWAII!
JOIN Veterans for Peace National President Gerry Condon at the Honolulu Friends Meeting House on Saturday, February 10 at 5pm for a presentation on the return of the sailing ship to its home in Honolulu in 1958 when its crew of four Quakers attempted to sail from Hawaii into the atomic test site in the Marshall Islands to stop atmospheric nuclear testing.
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Gerry Condon, National President of Veterans for Peace