Stop Climate Disaster & Military Madness

Stop Climate Disaster & Military Madness:

Two Sides of the Same Coin

      An international panel of scientists reported this week that humans are facing immediate life-or-death choices in dealing with climate change. Too many US political leaders have their heads in the sand on this all encompassing issue of human-caused global warming and the danger of nuclear war. Unless immediate action is taken unprecedented disaster looms over planet earth. For more details —  See

      Case in point: Johnston Island (Kalama atoll) is located approximately 750 miles southwest of Hawaii Island. Johnston Island approximately 2 miles long and ½ mile wide is one of the most military polluted places on earth. (Pohakuloa, Pearl Harbor,  too!) The original size of Johnston Is. was 19 hectors. By dredging the military increased it’s size 10 fold. With climate change increasing storms and rising sea levels, Johnston Island will likely be dramatically reduced in size if not completely covered by rising seas. 12 US atomic and hydrogen bombs were exploded above Johnston island in the late 1950s and early 1960s. Two nuclear weapons exploded on the launch pad contaminating the island with toxic plutonium. The plutonium was bulldozed into the lagoon so that nuclear testing could continue. Johnston Island was also home to chemical and biological weapons and the weapons (including agent orange) were incinerated there. See


         Johnston Island with Sand island at bottom                          





Nuclear armed missile explodes in 1962 on Johnston Island


     According to the US Atomic Energy Commission (AEC) the east side of Hawaii island has the highest concentration of plutonium in the soil from atmospheric nuclear weapons testing of 65 random sites tested north and south latitude. The east side of Hawaii Island also was the highest rainfall site tested and there is a possible correlation to the nuclear tests conducted at Johnson Island, upper jet stream winds and rain-out of plutonium.  See

      Recently now abandoned Johnston Island was hit by Hurricane Wakala. It is simply the latest of several hurricanes to hit Johnston. Are US military chemical, biological contaminants and plutonium being carried by the currents in the recent high swells of Hurricane Wakala to hit Hawaii’s shores?

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