New Nukes & Increasing risk of Nuclear War

Risk of Nuclear War Rises 

Trump Deploys New Low Yield Nukes

          “We have all these Nuclear Weapons, why can’t we use them?” Donald Trump


     Trident Nuclear submarine     


                                                                                             Trident Nuclear Missile being fired

      There is a real danger in putting nuclear weapons in anyone’s hands, but especially Donald Trump’s hands. This new low yield nuclear weapon is especially dangerous because of increasing tensions with Iran, North Korea, etc. To many, a low yield nuclear weapon is a usable nuke, especially against a non-nuclear country. Against a nuclear power such use risks a rapid escalation to an all out global nuclear war.

      Where are the voices of presidential candidates speaking out against nuclear weapons, and especially about this most recent deployment of the new USABLE NUKES?

      The W-76-2 nuclear warhead (5 kilotons) is about 1/3 the size of the US atomic bomb that destroyed Hiroshima. The W-76-2, along with the 90-kiloton W76 warhead and the 475-kiloton W88 warhead, is now deployed on US Trident submarines. It’s the first new nuclear weapon deployed since the end of the Cold War. On Capitol Hill, House Armed Services Committee Chairman Adam Smith said: “This destabilizing deployment further increases the potential for miscalculation during a crisis.” Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Sergei Ryabkov said: “the United States is actually lowering the nuclear threshold and that they are conceding the possibility of them waging a limited nuclear war and winning this war. This is extremely alarming.

      William Arkin, a longtime reporter who focuses on military and nuclear policy broke the story about the deployment of the new low-yield nuclear weapon in an article he co-wrote for the Federation of American Scientists. He also wrote the cover story for Newsweek, which is headlined “With a New Weapon in Donald Trump’s Hands, the Iran Crisis Risks Going Nuclear.”

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