Ann Wright’s article “Possible Consequences of a U.S. Military Attack on Syria
Published on Saturday, August 31, 2013 by Common Dreams

Possible Consequences of a U.S. Military Attack on Syria

Remembering the Marine Barracks destruction in Beirut, 1983

Its 4am and I can’t sleep, just like 10 years ago when President Bush was telling the world that Saddam Hussein had weapons of mass destruction in Iraq and the United States must invade and occupy Iraq to rid humanity of these weapons. I didn’t believe President Bush ten years ago and I resigned as a U.S. diplomat.
Now a decade later, President Obama is telling the world that the use of chemical weapons in Syria by the Assad government must be answered by other weapons, even though the results of the UN inspection team have not been compiled—just as the Bush administration refused to wait for the UN report by the inspectors who had been looking for WMD in Iraq…