Thursday November 13 National Call-in Day: No Bombs! No Endless War!

Call Congress Today:
Toll-free number to Capitol Switchboard:  877-429-0678
President Obama announced last week that he was sending another 1500 troops to Iraq and would be calling on Congress to issue a new “authorization for the use of force” (AUMF) against ISIS in Iraq and Syria. He is also asking for $5.6 billion to pay for this new war.
It’s already clear that this policy isn’t working. After months of American bombing in Iraq and Syria ISIS is stronger than ever, controlling roughly the same territory they did when the first strikes occurred. Instead of being degraded ISIS has seen a massive increase in recruitment,
Another American-directed war is not a solution to the challenge of ISIS. There are less violent alternatives available with greater prospects for success.
See Grassroots Handout- Short Version
Congressional Handout
Recognizing the urgency of this situation, United for Peace and Justice is joining together with more than twenty national peace and justice organizations to build Congressional opposition to this new war.
You can help. Pick up the phone and call your Representative and two Senators. Use Toll-free Number to Capitol Hill Switchboard: 877-429-0678 *(provided by Friends Committee on Legislation)
Let them know you are opposed to this new war.
Emphasize  that as a constituent you want them to Vote Against Any Authorization for the Use of Force (AUMF) in Syria and Iraq.
Ask the staff member where the member of Congress stands on the issue. Please report results to 
We are now facing an uphill struggle in mobilizing members of Congress. But it is helpful to remember that every member of Congress who votes AGAINST this counter-productive, dangerous and costly  effort is laying the foundation for an ongoing mobilization on behalf of peace.
Please copy and forward widely.