Let’s re-build an anti-war movement

vietnam protest Demobilized in the USA: Why There Is No Massive Antiwar Movement
by Tom Engelhardt
“What’s missing is any sense of connection to the government, any sense that it’s ‘ours’ or that we the people matter.”
If nothing else, please read the last paragraph of the above article.  It sums up the spirit of defeatism that exists today.  We need to rekindle the spirit of resistance. “Can, instead of no can.”
The 700th consecutive Friday Hilo peace vigil is coming up on Friday Feb. 20th 3:30-5PM  Please help pass the word, come and bring some friends.  I intend to bring my guitar and play some peace songs weather permitting, and we’ll have an open mic.  Let’s share thoughts on how we can re-build a Hilo anti-war movement.  Mahalo.