Pohakuloa fire update: still burning after 1 week

Below is a news story from Big Island Now.com  about the Pohakuloa fire and my comments below about the important issues being ignored about the fire.

Pohakuloa Fire ‘100 Percent Contained’ | Big Island Now
22 hours ago … Photo of the brush fire at PTA, taken on March 28. Photo courtesy: Jim Albertini. A fire that has been burning for a week at the Pohakuloa ..

Pohakuloa fire.  It’s not the threat of the PTA fire spreading off the base that is an issue.  It’s what’s blowing in the smoke and wind from that fire in the “Impact” area.  Pohakuloa has been bombed for 70 years and contains all kinds of military toxins, including Depleted Uranium (DU) radiation weapons. DU in oxide form is extremely dangerous when inhaled and can cause cancers, birth defects and genetic damage.  NO ONE IS DOING AIR MONITORING DOWN WIND TO SEE WHAT TOXINS MAY BE IN THE SMOKE.   That’s the issue that’s important and is being ignored by government authorities and the news media.

Jim Albertini