Military Toxic Stew besides DU

An Open letter to Mike Egami of Army Public Affairs

Aloha Mike,  (Army Public Affairs Hawaii)
At the Aug. 31st PTA meeting Army spokesperson Greg Komp said Davy Crockett DU training in Hawaii stopped in 1965 when troops from Hawaii were sent to Vietnam. Thus his lowballing his estimate of the number of DU rounds fired at PTA, instead of the likely figure 2000 plus DU Davy Crockett rounds. This appears to be another Army lie or distortion of the truth.  Let Komp and others know please and that it is not appreciated.
I received a call from an Army vet who said he trained in Hawaii from 65-67 at Schofield and PTA in artillery/atomic demolition and lived in the dorm with guys doing the Davy Crockett training during those years too.   He also talked about all sorts of chemical/biological testing/training that was going on at the same time.  Google “project 112 year 2010” and follow the links to DOD facts sheets on Green Mist, Pine Ridge, Yellow Leaf, Read Oak, Blue Tango, Tall Timber, etc.  where all sorts of chemical and biological stuff ( including deadly Sarin gas) was being tested on Oahu, Hawaii Island and in the air and waters nearby. This was all kept classified and not released until 2002. The deadly Sarin nerve gas and other toxins among other places, were being tested in Hilo’s watershed in the Waiakea and Olaa forest reserves.  The Army lease of state land there said the Army would be doing “weather testing.”  Another Army lie.
The Army vet that contacted me said a lot of nasty stuff was being used at PTA besides DU.
I am withholding the name of the Army vet to protect him.
If the Army wants the confidence of the community on its DU statements, it better come clean, be transparent, and start telling the truth.  Since the Army claims it doesn’t have good records going back to DU use in the 60s, it would have been easy to contact vets of that era who trained and ask for their input.  But the Army didn’t do that.  Why? Instead the vets are contacting peace groups to expose the truth.

Jim Albertini