Thoughts on US Presidential election result

Stand for Justice, Peace & the Earth! And Keep Standing!

                                                trump-elect  U.S. President elect Donald J. Trump

      No matter who you voted for president, or didn’t vote, whether you are overjoyed, shocked, dismayed, or angry, the important thing is to keep standing up for what you believe deeply is the truth. Let truth be your guide. And never give up! That’s the important lesson in and out of election season.

     Today marks our 790th consecutive weekly peace vigil at the downtown Hilo Post Office/Federal Building. That time frame now includes 3 U.S. presidents. Each week we prepare a new leaflet for distribution on the sidewalk and throughout Hawaii and the world via the internet. The five core points at the bottom of each leaflet remain the same. I personally have handed out more than a quarter of a million leaflets on the Post office corner. But I’m encouraging more people to sign up on our webpage to get the leaflets automatically sent to them via email to save paper.

     The important question before and after any election is how do we, the people, hold officials accountable? The stakes couldn’t be higher. How do we get officials to serve the interests of justice, peace, and saving civilization from total destruction from nuclear war and/or climate disaster?

     Our Hawaii and world need healing. The great divides need narrowing, not widening. How we as citizens move forward from election to election will determine whether officials will be held accountable on the local, national and global level. Do your part. Speak out, not just on election day with a vote, but every day of your life. Let your voice be heard. But do more. As the late Father Daniel Berrigan, S.J. said: “Know where you stand, and stand there.” Mahalo. Jim Albertini

Power to the People – Always!

  1. Mourn all victims of violence. 2. Reject war as a solution. 3. Defend civil liberties.
    4. Oppose all discrimination, anti-Islamic, anti-Semitic, anti-Hawaiian, etc.
    5. Seek peace through peaceful means and work for justice in Hawai`i and around the world.

Contact: Malu ‘Aina Center for Non-violent Education & Action
P.O. Box 489 Kurtistown, Hawai’i 96760 Phone (808) 966-7622. Email:

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Hilo Peace Vigil leaflet (Nov. 11, 2016 – 790th week) – Friday 3:30-5PM downtown Post Office