How to avert the impending war on Iran

Ret. Col. Ann Wright  is talking to all of us about stopping impending US war on Iran

“We just have to keep giving people hope, not stay at home and watch the stupid TV. But to get up, do some stuff and be with like-minded people. If you leave them in their homes, everybody just gets dejected and immobilized. That’s why I think having weekly, or at least twice a month, events talking about social issues is really important. It’s important for organizations to step up to the plate now and help people understand that they do have a role. How effective we will be, who knows? But we know how effective it is if we don’t do anything…

But we aren’t willing to stand up against the Trump administration — to go out there and block roads and have thousands of people thrown in jail, and get beaten up by the cops. So why in the hell should we expect that of folks who know that they are going to get killed if they do that? We are very concerned about what goes on in their country, but we ought to be damned concerned about what’s going on in our own and work to stop it.” (Full interview with Ann Wright below)

How to avert the impending war on Iran (read full article here)

There will be a Stop Bombing Pohakuloa/ Stop War strategy meeting Monday, June 24th 6-8PM Kea’au Community Center

Please mark your calendarsStrategy meetings on Stop Bombing Pohakuloa are held on the 2nd and 4th Mondays of the month 6-8PM at the Kea’au Com Ctr.  Please pass the word to others and let’s join together for peace, justice and saving the planet.  Mahalo.

Jim Albertini