An Appeal to non Kanaka to stand in solidarity with Kanaka to Protect Sacred Mauna Kea

Solidarity to Protect Sacred Mauna Kea

This is a moral appeal to non Hawaiians to stand in solidarity with Hawaii’s host people, Kanaka Maoli, to protect their most Sacred Temple –Mauna Kea from further desecration.  On July 15, 2019 construction equipment will be heading up to Mauna Kea to begin the building of an 18 story (180 feet) tall 30 meter telescope (TMT).  There will be Hawaiian led religious ceremonies to protect Sacred Mauna Kea  beginning at 6AM on July 15th at Pu’uhuluhulu –the intersection of Saddle Rd and Mauna kea Access Rd.   Please join in solidarity.  Hawaii’s host people have already suffered enough.  Their nation is under 126 years of US occupation.  30,000 Hawaiians are on the waiting list for Hawaiian Home Lands; Hawaiians are disproportionately incarcerated, homeless, in poverty, have the lowest life expectancy in Hawaii.  They should not have to stand alone to now protect their most Sacred Temple.  We non-Hawaiians need to step up and show our gratitude and aloha by standing shoulder to shoulder with our Hawaiian brothers and sisters.  See you on the Mauna July 15th.

On Friday July 12th join a sign holding nearest you from 3:30-5PM in Hilo, Pahoa, Waimea, Kona and possibly other sites around Hawaii Island and other islands.  The time is now to take a stand with Mauna Kea and the Hawaiian people.  Mahalo.

Jim Albertini