Covert Military Special Ops (assassination training) in public areas throughout Hawaii

Covert Military Special Ops (assassination training) in public areas throughout Hawaii


Below is a Letter to the Editor of West Hawaii Today (WHT) by retired nuclear geologist, Mike Reimer, PhD about Military Special Ops (covert assassination training) outside of military bases in public areas throughout all of Hawaii. No news articles on the issue so far only a legal notice in the June 9, 2021 WHT about no EIS needed because no significant environmental impact. You got to be kidding me.
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Dear Editor:

I submit the below comment for consideration to be published as a letter in WHT. I had been and continue to be involved with the impact PTA has on the environment and public health risk for the Big Island. At one time, I had been appointed to the PTA citizen advisory board by then Councilwoman Brenda Ford. Now retired, I have moved to the mainland but maintain my deep aloha and devotion for Hawaii and look forward to returning soon.

Mahalo for your consideration,

Michael Reimer, Ph.D.
Denver, Colorado
June 10, 2021

Pohakuloa Training Area now includes all of the Big Island.

The U.S. Navy announced they do not need a full Environmental Impact Statement for their special operation training of moving stealthily among the population for various exercises including apparent assassination or abduction training (WHT June 9, 2021, p. 6B). It believes there would be no significant human environmental impact as personnel will clean up after their maneuvers. We have all seen how such a commitment has not been honored at PTA and other sites with toxins, unexploded ordinance, and depleted uranium left to migrate into the pristine Hawaiian environment.
I think most reasonable people of this earth would agree that humans are part of the total environment. Therefore, the basis of no significant impact is downright false and a clear example of disinformation. How can you move trainees among the general population with no impact? It is training, after all, and training by its very nature generates some failures. If it did not, then training would not be necessary. This cannot be dodged by broadly defining the word “significant.” Might that be one traumatic event, injury, or death; or perhaps two?

This is a situation that goes to the heart of Dr. Lorrin Pang’s personal research that the military needs to obtain informed consent from the general population for these experiments, as already much of PTA operations involve unwitting civilian exposures to known carcinogens. How would the tourist industry be impacted if to visit Hawaii, all people must sign a form acknowledging they and their families agree to be part of training exercises that involve military personnel moving unrecognized among them for lethal-activity training? Do you know who that person is sitting beside you?
In any case, the factual truth now is that the entire Big Island is a military training ground and a full environmental impact statement is required.

Michael Reimer, Ph.D.
Denver, Colorado