US Military – Back from the Brink! Dec. 17, 2021 Hilo Peace Vigil leaflet


US Military!

Greatest Polluter on Planet


Largest Consumer of oil — Largest emitter of CO2

Causing Climate Catastrophe & Threat of Nuclear War!


     Hawaii is a case study for the planet in terms of military pollution. For the most part military pollution in Hawaii is kept just below the visible surface, so it doesn’t openly clash with the tourist industry’s profit image of Hawaii as “Paradise of the Pacific.” But military fuel leaking into the fresh drinking water just 100 feet below the military’s 20 massive Red Hill underground fuel tanks has given light to military pollution. So far the drinking water of more than 93,000 people is known to be contaminated with leaking military fuel. The water smells like fuel and has a sheen to it, and people are getting sick. The contamination could spread to the drinking water of 400,000 people in Honolulu, residents and visitors alike.

     Military pollution from Red Hill underground fuel tanks is just one of many sites of military pollution in Hawaii. More than 40 years ago, a book was published I co-authored entitled “The Dark Side of Paradise – Hawaii in a Nuclear World.” That book documents extensive military pollution and can be viewed and downloaded for free at The link to the book is on the right side of the homepage. Also see the article A Brief History of US Military Poisoning of Hawaii…/a-brief-history-of-us…/…

     The Hawaiian Islands are one of the most militarized, and military polluted places, on the planet, with more than 100 active US military installations and many more abandoned unmarked toxic sites.  In addition to increasing military pollution and climate catastrophe, all life on the planet is under the military threat of mushroom cloud extinction caused by nuclear war. Escalating tensions with Russia and China could quickly spiral out of control. The time for deescalation and diplomacy, not saber rattling and military build up, is now. No more excuses for doing too little too late. See Back from the Brink, a practical 5 step program to prevent nuclear war. Check out

The time to DE-militarize Hawaii & the world is NOW!

1. Mourn all victims of violence. 2. Reject violence & war as solutions. 3. Defend civil liberties.
4. Oppose all discrimination, anti-Islamic, anti-Semitic,
anti-Hawaiian, anti-Black, anti-Asian, etc.
5. Seek peace through peaceful means and work for justice in Hawai`i and around the world.

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