U.S. Robotic Assassins

Military Drones Train in Hawaii —

The U.S. military and CIA are carrying out increasing numbers of targeted assassinations using Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) commonly called drones.  Drones come in all shapes and sizes, from the size of insects, dragon flys, and humming bids for listening and photographing, to larger models called Predator and Reaper that fire deadly missiles.

The U.S. is currently patrolling the skies and carrying out targeted assassinations in at least six countries with little or no public debate.  The known countries now include: Afghanistan, Pakistan, Iraq, Yemen, Libya, and Somalia. For the U.S. the issue appears reduced to cost/effectiveness in both dollars and American lives.  For those countries on the receiving end, there is an uproar over the ethical and legal  basis for remote control assassinations.

The Obama administration has dramatically increased the use of of killer drones.  Some people say the outrage expressed indicates that more enemies are being created than are being killed by the use of drones.  Already there appears to be a global drone race, which will no doubt widen to land and sea drones as well as air.  Given the growth and spread of technology, it is only a matter of time when individuals and groups everywhere will have drone capability with increasing destructive power.  What goes around comes around!

It has been reported in the news media that military bases on Oahu and Hawaii Island are training with drones.  Be on the look out for an odd looking dragon fly sitting on your windowsill.  It just may be Military Big Brother.  And hope that you are not on the secret list, that now includes Americans, scheduled for targeted assassination by the Predator or Reaper.

Better yet, let’s mount a campaign to ground the drones.  Hawaii is the land of aloha, not for training robot assassins.


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