Stop the Bombing! Shut Down PTA!

State says Military Training at Pohakuloa Not Compatible with Conservation Land!


B-2, B-52 strategic nuclear bombers, Reaper Assassin drones, and other military aircraft practice bombing at Pohakuloa.

     Hurrah! Bravo! Finally! Better late than never! Bombing and desecrating the aina at Pohakuloa has got to stop. It’s been going on far too long. Now the State of Hawaii Dept. of Land and Natural Resources (DLNR) is saying what activists have been saying for decades.

     The DLNR statement was made public by Hawaii News Now reporter Mahealani Richardson. According to the news report, the DLNR’s Office of Conservation and Coastal Land issued a June 7 document in response to the Army’s draft EIS statement. The Army wants to renew its 65-year lease, which expires in 2029. Currently, the Army is paying a grand total of $1 for the 65-year lease of 23,000 acres of State land at Pohakuloa. The OCCL document said, “Military use that involves maneuvers, ammunition, artillery and mortar systems, depleted uranium, explosives, firing points, hazardous materials and waste, live fire, unexploded ordnance, and weapons systems do not appear to be consistent with the Conservation District.” It added, “The OCCL was alarmed at the number of previous dump sites on the state-leased land. It is inappropriate to conduct this type of warfare practice upon Conservation District land adjacent to areas designated as critical habitat for the palila; and a recreational campground for the people of Hawaii.” The state documents said the Army’s draft EIS does not meet requirements and has major gaps. Over the years, live fire at the 133,000-acre Pohakuloa Training Area, located in the dry, windy, Saddle Area in the center of Hawaii Island, has been the source of numerous brush fires. What toxins are blowing in the wind, dust, and smoke of those fires? For decades, Malu Aina has been calling for high-tech air filter monitors (at military expense) around PTA to see what military toxins are coming off the base. To date, nothing has been done. It’s time for action!

     Besides canceling, or not renewing, the PTA state lease, it is also time to cancel the Presidential Executive Order of 1964 that gave the military 84,000 acres of land at PTA for zero cost. Canceling the Presidential Order in 1990 for military lands on Kaho’olawe, after years of Hawaiian protest, is what officially stopped the bombing there and resulted in Kaho’olawe being returned to the State.

Stop the Bombing! Shut Down PTA! Clean Up the Military mess!

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