Pokahuloa Toxic Area (PTA) to host “Experience Pohakuloa” Open House

Once again the Pohakuloa Toxic Area (PTA) is planning an Open House for the public to “Experience Pohakuloa.”  It is scheduled for Thursday, April 20th (EARTH DAY) from 9 AM till 1 PM.  The military will be inviting the public and schoolchildren from all over the island to attend. 

The Military 133,000-acre Pohakuloa Toxic Area (PTA) is located in the center of Hawaii Island and has been bombed and shelled for more than 75 years by the US Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines, and foreign countries too. Millions of live rounds are fired annually at PTA. A wide range of toxins has been used including lead, perchlorate, and radioactive Depleted Uranium (DU). The continuing live fire of high explosives, re suspends many of the toxins that can then be carried long distances in the high winds that frequently blow through the Saddle region of Hawaii Island. Inhaling tiny DU oxide particles can cause several cancers and genetic damage can be passed to future generations.

How bizarre for the military to host an “Earth Day” event at Pohakuloa! There can be no greater desecration of the ‘aina than bombing.  Such an event only adds insult to injury.

Parents and schools should say NO.  DON’T GO!  

Jim Albertini

The late community activist, Rene Siracusa, says it well with her sign.