Annual Appeal for Support!

2011 Christmas Appeal

Dear friends,                                                                                                                  December 6, 2011

I have never known a time when our world has been more in need of blessings of “peace and good will to all” than the present.  More and more people with whom we share food, seem to be hanging by a thread.  Hope of conditions changing for the better is in short supply.  In fact, the few remaining government safety net programs for the most vulnerable are being cut.

On a global scale, it seems that war and the threat of increasing war are constant companions — Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, Yemen, Somalia, Pakistan.  Are Syria and Iran next?  Creating more terror in the name of fighting terror is the order of the day.  With the added threats of a growing economic crisis, attacks on civil liberties, and destructive climate change, all life on earth appears to be hanging by a thread.  In such times, where do we find hope?  How do we keep the faith, overcome cynicism, and believe that a more just, peaceful and liveable world is possible?

We find hope by sharing with others, realizing that in doing so none of us are alone.  Rain or shine, we plant seeds, pull weeds, and stand for justice and peace, knowing you are with us, and the least among us — those bombed, foreclosed, made homeless, jobless, broke, and near broken. Together, we help each other keep the faith and never give up. Sharing is the thread that connects us and all that is sacred.

We are blessed by the gifts of your solidarity — your peace and good will.  We thank you and pledge to you our best efforts in all that we do.  Blessings of this holy season to you and your ohana.

With gratitude and aloha,

Jim Albertini for Malu ‘Aina

PS.  Alas, our more than 3 year effort to purchase and conserve 11 adjacent acres of prime agricultural land has become a dead end.  I report this with disappointment, mixed with feelings of relief.  Though unsuccessful, we did the best we could.   Malu ‘Aina’s cost in the effort has been over $6,000 and we greatly appreciate your support throughout the process.

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