Occupy the 1% at Kukio Dec. 31, 2011

Aloha friends– part of the 99% concerned about justice, peace and the earth,

Please pass this on to other friends who may be interested!

Please join all Hawai’i Island Occupy groups this Saturday (31st) – on the highway, 15 miles north of Kailua Town – the road just SOUTH OF the Four Seasons/Hualalai Resort, (Kukio – vacation subdivision of the 1%) 10AM – 1pm.
The 1% park their multi-million dollar private jets for cheap at the Keahole Airport, not much more than it cost  residents to park their holoholo car overnight at the airport.
The 1% also own multi-million dollar residences in the Kukio/Kaupulehu resort. An example:  A building contractor reported that the actual cost of a house in Kukio was $169 million, but to pay lower taxes, the owner listed the house with the county tax office as costing “only” $20-25 million.  That’s tax fraud and shorting the county on taxes over $140 million valuation on a single property.
It’s time to say to the 1% — PAY YOUR SHARE!   At a time when 26% of children on this island are food insecure, this kind of extravagant wealth of the jet setters is SHAMEFUL!

If you have a pop up tent please bring it to honor OWS! (plus water, snacks. chairs, etc. . …and umbrella for shade, if needed)

Ring in the New Year with friends who care for the people and the planet!

Mahalo to all the people who helped in pulling together information for this effort.
People leaving from the Hilo side will meet at 7AM across from Merrill Lynch for car pooling

Jim Albertini

Map – 15 miles N. of Kailua Kona (27minutes)
http://maps.google.com/maps?saddr=Kailua-Kona,+HI&daddr=Hualalai+Resort,+Kaupulehu+Drive,+Kailua-Kona,+HI&hl=en&ll=19.733745,-156.009979&spn=0.292782,0.543823&sll=19.734421,-155.992671&sspn=0.292781,0.543823&geocode=FeywKwEdXLKz9ikBtJFqsg5UeTGnpS2Igx2RBw%3BFZeNLgEdQ8Cz9iFdwJ56ovfolg&vpsrc=0&mra=ls&t=m&z=11 <http://maps.google.com/maps?saddr=Kailua-Kona,+HI&daddr=Hualalai+Resort,+Kaupulehu+Drive,+Kailua-Kona,+HI&hl=en&ll=19.733745,-156.009979&spn=0.292782,0.543823&sll=19.734421,-155.992671&sspn=0.292781,0.543823&geocode=FeywKwEdXLKz9ikBtJFqsg5UeTGnpS2Igx2RBw%3BFZeNLgEdQ8Cz9iFdwJ56ovfolg&vpsrc=0&mra=ls&t=m&z=11>