No War Surge!

Troops out now!

The ghost of LBJ


Let us remember history and President Lyndon B. Johnson.

If the text in the above image is too small for you to read, here’s what it says:

“The Civil Rights Act, the Voting Rights Act, Medicare, the War on Poverty.  You know, I had a progressive domestic agenda too.  But I squandered my Presidency by escalating a war that my predecessor had started in a small third world country, attempting to conquer a people that would not be conquered by propping up a corrupt government with American lives and money.  As a result, I never realized my dream of a Great Society, never even ran for a 2nd term and will always be remembered, not for my good works, but for the holocaust I created in Vietnam.”


“… President Obama is just about ready to send more troops. Maybe 44 thousand, that’s the number General McChrystal wants, bringing the total to over 100 thousand. When I read speculation last weekend that the actual number needed might be 600 thousand, I winced…  Whatever the total for Afghanistan, every additional thousand troops will cost us about a billion dollars a year. At a time when foreclosures are rising, benefits for the unemployed are running out, cities are firing teachers, closing libraries and cutting essential maintenance and services. That sound you hear is the ripping of our social fabric…”

– Bill Moyers, from his PBS Journal on Afghanistan, Oct. 30, 2009:

Stop the Wars! End U.S. Occupations!
No More Vietnams!