Sign petition to Respect Pele: No More Geothermal Drilling!

This petition on clipboards was put on tables at the Hawaii County Council April 24, 2012 public hearing on Geothermal energy in Pahoa.  Nearly 200 people added their names at that hearing.  Please consider adding your name and getting others to sign as well.  If you know of ways people can sign this petition on line that would be very helpful. Mahalo. Jim

Respect Pele: No More Geothermal Drilling!

Ask anyone in Hawaii, who is Pele and the reply very likely will be: Pele is the goddess of the Volcano. Drilling into Pele to exploit geothermal energy is sacrilegious.  It is desecration of the sacred.  Pele is not for sale.  Today, our entire planet is in ecological crisis because of disrespect for the sacred.  Mother nature is telling all of us in crystal clear terms that to restore balance we need to respect the sacred.  In Hawaii, that means respect Pele.  Do what is pono.  Let Pele be. No more geothermal drilling. An injury to one is an injury to all. There are clean, safe, energy alternatives that do not violate Hawaii’s host culture’s religious beliefs and can help us all live more lightly upon this earth.


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