Geothermal Update

Geothermal update 12/5/12……..Just a quick update…….

You did it!!! Bill 292 that bans drilling from 7pm to 7am is now the law…..

Bill 292 the geothermal nighttime drilling ban is now law…..Not sure if the mayor signed it or let it become law without his signature but we hear from staff that it will pass…..Congratulations Puna and to the hundreds of people that turned out….Grass roots activism can work when we work together….Mahalo to the many people that helped us, the hundreds that came to the meetings, and or wrote and called the mayor, it made the difference………Please do call the mayor again or e-mail him and thank him for listening….

Dominic Yagong, who introduced the bill for us, called me to tell me Suzanne Wakelin was the one person more than any other, that helped him decide the council had to do this because no one else was going to do it…..It shows one person “can” make a difference…..Mahalo Suzzane and Dominic Yagong…

Also please remember to thank Brenda Ford, Brittney Smart, Angel Pilago, and Pete Hoffman, all of who really listened to and supported Puna. I have to say even Fred Blas and Jay Yoshimoto voted for 292. Mahalo to them all for putting the welfare, health, and safety, of the surrounding community before the profits of geothermal…

Of course this is not the end of the “big project” or their industrial plans, not yet, but it is a significant win for us “the community” – good job.

Puna Pono Alliance will be back tomorrow at the windward planning commission at 1:30pm fighting for the health study, if anyone wants to show up, that meeting will be in the Aupuni Center building, in the conference room on the Hamakua end of the building at the corner of Aupuni st and Pauahi Street, in Hilo

….I hope everyone has a wonderful holiday……..Thank you all…..

The meeting at the Akebono was awesome, I can not tell you how much I love living in Puna. It really is a very special place that is worth fighting for. It is amazing to see the community coming together and taking control of “our” future…..