April 28, 2013 Drone ad in Hawaii Tribune-Herald

Attached is a pdf of the no drones ad  that appears on page 13 in today’s Kona, Hawaii  Sunday Tribune Herald.   “Drones Are Not the Path to Peace.”

Drones are Not the

Path to Peace
As concerned citizens

we have grave objections to the

Drone Assassin Program.

Since 2004 the United States has illegally
killed 3105 people in Pakistan to eliminate 47
high profile targets. Among those killed it is
estimated that 176 were innocent children. [www.

• Initial drone strikes are often followed by strikes
on those who come to the aid of the victims of
that attack—frequently rescuers, loved ones,
or neighbors (a practice the U.S. military calls a
“double tap”). [See “Outrage at CIAs Deadly Double Tap
Drone Attacks,” The Independent UK, Sept 25, 2012.]

• Signature Strikes are strikes drone operators
fire on people whose identities they do not know
based on evidence of suspicious behavior or
other “signatures.” These strikes on unidentified
targets account for many, or even most, drone
casualties. [www.propublica.org]

• Drone strikes endanger us all. Each strike
generates more anger, violence and plots for
revenge. [Op-ed by Ibrahim Mothana, NY Times, June 13,
2012] Many American and international human
rights studies suggest that US drone strikes have
instigated wide-spread anti-Americanism with the
potential for further violence against Americans
and facilitated recruitment to violent non-state
armed groups. [www.livingunderdrones.org/#_ftn5]

Hawai‘i plays a crucial role
in the U.S. military’s ability to carry out
its illegal and immoral drone warfare.
Both Wheeler Air Force Base and Kaneohe
Marine Corps Air Station are authorized drone
bases; U.S. Army Garrison—Pohakuloa has an
Unmanned Aerial Vehicle landing strip. [www.
nodronesnetwork.blogspot.org, www.hawaiiarmyweekly.com/

U.S. Representative Colleen Hanabusa is a
member of the Unmanned Systems Caucus
(USC), which was formed to increase the use
of drones. [https://hanabusa.house.gov/contact-me,

We, the undersigned, believe that people of
conscience must take responsibility for what their
government does in their name.

We object to illegal US
assassin drone strikes in sovereign countries in which we
have not declared war and urge the U.S. government to
bring our drone strike policy into compliance with international
and United States laws; to permanently end all
“signature strikes” against unknown persons; to permanently
end all “secondary strikes,” particularly those that
target and endanger civilian rescuers in grave violation
of international law; to address questions about civilian
casualties from drone strikes publicly and in detail, and to
compensate drone strike victims and their families.

Unacknowledged civilian fatalities and wide swaths
of civilians living in fear of American drones are unacceptable.
We call for an immediate moratorium on assassin
drone strikes.

We humbly urge you to research the facts that we
have presented, and if you feel as we do, please contact
our elected officials.


in solidarity with all persons nationally & internationally
challenging this reckless assassin program, we are:
Aloha Aina Ea Ea • Nancy Aleck • Jack ie Beckett & Brooks
Walsh • Barbara Bell • Brian Bilsky & Anja li Puri • Fumie & Ken
Bonk • Dr. Marilyn Brown • Arlene & Pau l Buklarewicz •
Michele Chave z-Pardini • Michael Christ opher & Keiko Bonk
• Bob & Norma Eva ns • Lila Flood • Dr. Tim Freeman • Renate
Gassma nN • Ann Gleas on • Kath leen & Peter Golden • Donna
Grabow • Isaac “Paka” Harp, citizen, Hawa iian Kingdom •
Nelson & Jennifer Ho • Jim Good & Ted Paiva • Cory Harden •
Ramona Husse y • Aaron Jac obs • Lorna Jeyte • Caki & Robert
Kennedy • Arlene Kimata • Maur ine King • Krist ine Kubat •
Jesse Law • Dr. Marta Lepes • Kahu Napua McShane Burke •
Malu Aina • Jillian Marohnic • Mary Marvin Porter • Kim
Miller • Liz Miller • Mike P. • Robert Ramirez • Bonnie Raymond
• Krish & Jack Renauer • Cather ine Robbins & Tom Peek • Ruth
Robison • Dr. Noelie Rodriguez • Andrea Rosa noff & Steve
Sparks • Shannon Rudolph • Karin Schlappa • Samantha
Shelda n • Bunny Smith • S.T. • Dan Taylor • Tim Tunison • Mark
Van Doren, Green Part y HI • Cynee Wenner • Jea nne Wheeler
• Kai White • World Can’t Wait Hawa i’i • Anonymous (8