Don’t be Tricked into Supporting War!

Wars and More Wars based on Lies!

Cruise Missiles are NOT the Answer to the problems in Syria!

     What’s needed is humanitarian aid of food, medicine and shelter, along with international efforts for a cease fire, not cruise missiles to escalate the violence.

      At this writing (8PM Hawaii time Aug. 27, 2013), there is no solid proof of chemical weapons use in Syria. If such weapons have been used, then by whom? The Syrian government, internal opposition fighters, outside forces? Is the alleged chemical attack being used as a ploy to justify U.S. and western intervention to topple the Assad government?

      In Egypt, more than 1000 unarmed protesters have been killed by the military coup leaders there. Is the US calling for cruise missile strikes in Egypt, or even cutting off U.S. military aid?

      Let’s be clear. The road to overthrowing Iran is through Syria.

     What I see taking place in the U.S. now over Syria is a sequel to the illegal attack on Iraq in 2003. Another illegal war under the cover of “humanitarian intervention.” The end result will be more innocent people killed, another country destroyed. How many more countries will the U.S. turn to rubble? Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, Syria, Iran, etc. Is it endless war? Will John Kerry hold the same phony vile of powder that Collin Powell held at the UN in 2003?

      Don’t be tricked into supporting another illegal war. If U.S. missile fly into Syria, mobilize at downtown Federal Bldgs throughout Hawaii at 4PM on the day of the attack. Meanwhile, sound the alarm with elected officials at all levels of government. NO MORE WAR! Put the $1.3 million being spent for every cruise missile, into our schools, health care, and other human needs.

 Jim Albertini