Reminder of last days of the year for donations

2015 Malu ‘Aina Christmas Appeal

 Dear Friends,                                                                      
     Once again, I write to ask for your help to sustain the work of Malu ‘Aina.   As an all volunteer organization, Malu ‘Aina has been planting seeds, sharing food with people in need, and standing for justice, peace, and Aloha ‘Aina (Love for the Land)  and a living planet for the past 35 years.  We know we can’t do it alone.  It takes money, people power and commitment to carry on.  You have been an important part of this effort in one way or another, and we thank you for your solidarity in the journey.    
    Like farm work, the work for justice, peace, and protecting the environment is never ending.   We do our best, but  we can always use more help. We need your financial support and we need the next generation to carry the torch of nonviolence and the spirit of aloha in the work of Malu ‘Aina.  I am happy to report that we are currently in the process of transitioning leadership to the next generation of organic planters and activists.  It is my hope that a new generation of leadership will draw from the history and core principles of Malu ‘Aina but forge its own vision and action plan to solve problems now facing Hawaii and the world.    
    The times are indeed perilous: the very real threat of catastrophic climate/species disaster; the corporate domination of nearly every aspect of life for short term profit; the widening gap between rich and poor, a growing number of hungry and homeless; escalating violence in our streets and endless wars, regime changes, ongoing illegal occupations (Palestine and Hawai’i included), and chaos abroad resulting in a rising tide of refugees, hate and fear nearly everywhere. To say that our broken world that benefits the few at the expense of the many is in need of deep healing is an understatement. It seems to be a very hard lesson to learn: we cannot bomb, kill, and exploit our way to peace.    
       Your support and solidarity helps to keep us from being discouraged by setbacks along the way and to never, NEVER, give up in the struggle for justice, peace, and preserving the sacred earth we share. As philosophers through the ages have said: “No lie can live forever.” Blessings of this holy season to you and your loved ones.

With gratitude and aloha,
Jim Albertini

peace dove

PS. Donations are tax deductible if checks are made to Center for Non-violent Education & Action P.O. Box 489 ‘Ola’a (Kurtistown), Hawai`i 96760. A Pay Pal account (Donate button) has also been setup on our webpage as another convenient way to make donations. Please click “Subscribe” to receive the Malu ‘Aina weekly peace vigil leaflet (now in its 742nd week) and other posts for peace, justice and the environment. Other contact information: Phone (808) 966-7622. Email:  Mahalo.