Army DU at Pohakuloa

August 31, 2010 Pohakuloa Training Area (PTA)
Baseline Human Health Risk Assessment for Depleted Uranium (DU)

Comments by Jim Albertini for Public release:

The Army is stonewalling community involvement in seeking the truth about DU radiation contamination at Pohakuloa.  The Army has repeatedly made unreliable safety claims based on questionable assumptions, scientific methodology, and no peer reviewed studies.
The bottom line is this:  the Army does not want to risk having to shut down Pohakuloa if it is determined that the presence of DU and other military toxins pose a threat to the health and safety of the troops who train there and resident and visitors of Hawaii Island. While the Army says that health and safety is the primary concern, in truth it is continuing the military mission that trumps all.

Malu Aina calls for an end to all live-fire and activities at PTA that create dust. Comprehensive, independent monitoring and clean up, to protect health and safety should be done at military expense.  The entire process needs to be transparent and have the confidence of the community, which to date is sorely lacking.

As evidence of the Army’s stonewalling and lack of good faith, below are listed questions and statements that will be submitted to the Army with this cover sheet and are available to others upon request:

1.  Seventeen questions submitted in writing by Malu Aina to Army Col. Howard Killian in Nov. 2007 for which answers have never been provided;
2.  Ten questions submitted in writing by Malu Aina to Col. Howard Killian on May 20, 2008 for which answers have never been provided;
3.  Eight questions submitted in writing by Malu Aina to Lt. Col. Warline Richardson on Feb. 21, 2010 for which answers have never been provided.
4.  Three formal Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) requests from myself submitted as follows that have gone unanswered:
A. Nov. 2, 2009 to USAG-HI Public Affairs
B. Nov. 8, 2009 to Lt. Col. Warline Richardson
C. Nov. 8, 2009 Mr. Tad Davis US Army undersecretary for the environment
5.  Statements by the following:
A. Dr. Lorrin Pang, MD statement of Aug. 18, 2010
B. Carol Murry, DrPH statements Aug. 25, 2010 and Dec. 19, 2007
C. Dr. Helen Caldicott, MD statement on DU Nov. 7, 2009
D. Hawaii County Council Resolution 639-08 passed July 2, 2008 by a vote of 8-1
6.   A.  Questions submitted by community member Cory Harden, Aug. 31, 2010
B. Questions submitted by community member Doug Fox
C.  Release of Liability for Access to Schofield Barracks West Range
D. Michael Reimer, Ph.D. appeal for PTA brush fire DU air monitoring by DOH

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