Solidarity with UH students: Fight the Hike! Please pass the word.

Solidarity with UH students: Fight the Hike!  Please pass the word.
jim Albertini

Big news: The UH members of the Board of Regents are coming to hear testimony on their proposed tuition hikes at 10:00AM  on Thursday April 28th in Bldg 379 Rm 1 on the lower campus.  We have suspended Democracy Spring for that day since the Student Government is holding a “FIGHT THE HIKE” rally on the Lower Campus from 9:30 to 12:00 noon at the HawCC Admissions Building.   Later that same day, the Board of Regents will be hearing testimony on the upper campus at 4:00PM in UCB 127 (the Fish Bowl).

Students, the University Community, and the public are invited to listen to a presentation on the University’s proposed tuition schedule and to present testimony (written or oral) at the meetings.  The proposed tuition schedule and supporting documentation are available at  Contact or email testimony to

New event:
On Thursday, May 5th from 9:00AM to 2:00 PM. the Community Development class will be a hosting a BIG event on the upper campus celebrating the Last Day of classes, Cinco de Mayo, Boys Day, and democracy itself.  It’s “CINCO DEMOCRACY.”  More information on Cinco Democracy will be forthcoming.

Please bring your classes and/or announce Fight the Hike and Cinco Democracy.  Thank you! Noelie Rodriguez (934-2635)