Important info about Kona Friday Meeting on Pohakuloa

Meeting 5:30-7:30 Friday, May 19th in the Kona Council Chambers about Protecting Pohakuloa cultural and religious sites.

 Anyone planning to go to the Kona Pohakuloa meeting  and wanting to speak needs to either email or phone Julie Taomia 436-4280 <> ahead of time. Some people were not even allowed in to the Hilo meeting tonight. because they were not on a list. Ridiculous bureaucratic nonsense. We made a stink so they said they will allow anyone in as observers to the Kona meeting but to speak you need to contact Julie by phone or email ahead of time. They also try and restrict focus, but please speak from your hearts about what the bombing of the sacred aina, cultural and spiritual sites and area means to you. I presented the letter with over 40 signers on it and gave copies to all present. Mahalo and solidarity. Jim Albertini