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The Trillion Dollar U.S. War Budget


“Given the specter of nuclear war, the rational policy is one of de-escalation… Time has proven that coercion doesn’t work. There’s an urgent need to hit the reset button on U.S.-Korean policy, before one of the players hits a much more catastrophic button that could lead us into a nuclear nightmare.” Medea Benjamin of Code Pink

The same can be said for U.S. policy with Iran, Russia, Syria, China, etc.

Pentagon Budget: $575 billion Plus The Hidden Costs  

Ongoing Wars Budget: $64.6 Billion

Department of Energy (nuclear weapons): $20 Billion

“Other Miscellaneous Defense”: $8 Billion

Homeland Security: $50 Billion

Military Aid at the State Department: $7 Billion

Intelligence: $70 Billion (mostly contained inside the Pentagon budget)

Veterans: $186 billion

Military Retirement: $80 Billion

Defense Share of the Interest on the Debt: $100 billion

Grand Total: $1.09 Trillion War Budget

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Diplomacy Not War!

North Korea has repeatedly offered to suspend its nuclear weapons development in exchange for a freeze in US-South Korean joint war exercises.

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