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Comments due by Tuesday, Aug. 7, 2018  Email to Attn: Lisa Graham

Below is an example of testimony: Call for a full ENVIRONMENTAL IMPACT STATEMENT, not just an Environmental Assessment.

Attn: Lisa Graham
US Army EA Public Works Environmental Division

Our organization calls for a Full Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) on the proposed $210 million building project at PTA.  
There are lots of things that need more consideration:

Our organization believes that PTA is a toxic waste dump after 75 years of bombing and live-fire, with a toxic stew of chemicals used, 
including Depleted Uranium (DU) radiation.  Given this reality it should be assumed there may likely be extensive contamination in the proposed
demolition and construction area.  Afterall, while PTA has a designated "Impact Area" it's maps of PTA say "WARNING: ALL OF PTA IS CONSIDERED A DUD HAZARD AREA."
In simple terms, whatever was used anywhere on the base should be considered in the proposed construction area.  I would go much farther.  
It is likely off the base as well, like Bob Dylan says "blowing in the wind"... at Mauna Kea park in the childrens playground, at the nearby Girl Scout Camp, into 
and on all the vehicles that use the Daniel K. Inouye (Saddle Road) highway and downwind --noth, south, east and west, depending on the wind conditions of the day.

The statement on page vii of the executive summary which says "Employment of personnel qualified to identify and handle hazardous materials if unexpectedly
encountered" shows the disconnect from reality of the approach to this demolition and construction project.  It is NOT "unexpectedly encountered."  It is 
expectedly encountered.  And we want a more comprehensive look at the matter through a full EIS.
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$210 Million for Military Building at Pohakuloa Training Area

Community Input Needed

    The 191 page Environmental Assessment (EA) done for the PTA building upgrade is available here