No More Military Experimentation

Must watch video

What Does a Nuclear Bomb Explosion Feel Like.  The 4:15 video has footage of nuclear blasts in the Pacific and interviews with veterans subjected to nuclear fallout resulting from the tests.  Many of the vets died from radiation poisoning and cancers as a result of the tests.  These Military Human Experiments continue to this day and I, and many others, do not give our consent to these experiments on on lives, land, air, water, and oceans, plants and animals.  Stop your war crimes immediately.

Jim Albertini Remember the US tested 67 atomic and hydrogen bombs in the Pacific, dumped thousands of drums of radioactive waste off Oahu’s southern shores, used depleted uranium (DU) radiation weapons in training in Hawaii and a host of other war crimes against people, plants and animals, air, land and sea. It is criminal human and all species and planet experimentation. And it needs to stop here and now.
Attend the Navy meetings in Hilo Thursday Sept. 6 and Friday in Kona.  Scroll down to see time and place.  Also sign the form against further human experimentation and bring it to the Navy meetings and/or send your signing info back to
Mahalo. Jim Albertini