More info from KAHEA on Mauna Kea rules

Aloha e nā ʻOhana Mauna,
This is a very important week to submit testimony and take a stand as Mauna Kea protectors. Please click on the link below to read the proposed rules.  You may use the sample testimony below and share/review the attachments.

Sample one:
Thank you for accepting comments today. I am opposed to the proposed Administrative Rules. Criminal …. Meaning “relating to a crime” These proposed rules appear to criminalize customary and traditional practices of Native Hawaiians. In order to preserve the moral authority of our legal system you should be extremely mindful, exceptionally careful and highly AWARE before enacting any laws, regulations or Administrative rules that can cause an individual to be unfairly branded as a criminal. Arbitrary rules for prosecuting “made-up or pretend” offenses such as camping or hiking on puʻu or introducing materials from outside the management areas (which can be easily misinterpreted by Security forces) and initiating arbitrary punishment for those would-be offenses is a serious erosion of individual liberties. No one should be exposed to potential criminal liability for engaging in routine activities, practices or ceremonies. We all have the responsibility to protect and preserve Mauna Kea and its fragile ecosystem for future generations. The most critical, extensive, and immediate danger to Mauna Kea however, remains the construction of the massive TMT telescope and the priority given to astronomical development at the expense of Mauna Kea’s natural ecosystem and invaluable cultural resources.

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Sample two:
I oppose the administrative rules because they infringe upon the constitutional rights of individuals seeking access to Mauna Kea for traditional, customary and religious practices and the constitutional rights for those who wish to access Mauna Kea to engage in free speech.
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Sample three:
*** see pdf attachment ***
Written comments are due by midnight on Friday, June 7th. 
You can submit them at or by simply emailing
Kū Kiaʻi Mauna! 
Me ke aloha no ka mauna,
Ka ʻOhana Mauna

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