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Letter to the editor: State destruction of Mauna Kea Protector structures

I watched the press conference on June 20, 2019 of Governor David Ige, AG Clare Conners, DLNR head Suzanne Case, and UH President David Lassner on Mauna Kea TMT.

I felt it was very offensive for the state to destroy Hawaiian structures on the Mauna, especially without first having any dialogue with the people involved who built the structures.  All of the government officials in the press conference talked about continuing the conversation, but their actions spoke much louder than their words. There is no conversation.  Not once did any official mention the word SACRED in conjunction with Mauna Kea. The government officials’ body language and facial expressions spoke volumes of their complicity in wrongs being committed against Native Hawaiians.  And frankly I think the state official actions and the press conference did a disservice to what they are trying to accomplish. In short. they poured fuel on the fire of injustice to the Hawaiian people and they have helped build the movement saying RESPECT THE SACRED.  I ask all the government officials involved to please reconsider the course ahead. And I ask others, especially people of different  faiths, to stand in solidarity with Hawaii’s host people to protect and respect Hawaii’s most  Sacred temple. NO TMT.

Jim Albertini

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