More on the US Backed Coup in Bolivia

Bolivian Senate’s Leader Attacked By Police And Coup Supporters

By Telesur English. The legitimate President of the Senate, Adriana Salvatierra, was violently assaulted by the police as she was trying to enter the Senate on Wednesday in order to comply with the constitutional rule that automatically proclaims the head of the upper chamber the Interim President when the President steps down, after Evo Morales was forced to resign on Sunday. In a press conference that followed the attack, Salvatierra told reporters that she was ready to open the parliament session and assume the presidency of the Plurinational State of Bolivia as mandated by law. -more-


Evo Morales, Camacho And The Coup In Bolivia

By Historicly. Saturday, after the military and the chief of police defected, Evo Morales resigned from his presidency.  Shortly, afterwards Luis Fernando Camacho stormed the presidential palace while his gangs ransacked the palace. He laid down the old Bolivian flag and the bible and remarked, “the bible returns to the presidential palace. The Pachamama (Mother-Earth in Quechua) will never be back to the government. Bolivia belongs to Jesus Christ”, which is of course an insult against the indigenous groups who form the plurinational of Bolivia. -more-

Bolivia Set Back Twenty Years

By Stephen Sefton, Western media are portraying the coup in Bolivia as the result of legitimate popular protests against electoral fraud. They base their accounts on yet another phoney, illegal report from a mission of the Organization of American States. The report openly violated the terms agreed with Bolivia’s electoral authority on the progam for the audit of the recent national election results and was key in accelerating the media impact of the fascist-led attack on Bolivia’s legitimate government. -more-