Letter by retired Army Col. from Honolulu Ann Wright

Letter by Honolulu  retired Army Col.  Ann Wright  (A shortened edited version was printed in the Jan. 7, 2020
Honolulu Star-Advertiser

They were protests in 71 US cities and I surely would like to have it on the record that we in Honolulu had one.
I resigned from the US government 17 years ago in March 2003 in opposition to the war on Iraq, a war that was based on lies. 
And I’m afraid the Trump administration and its decision to assassinate general Sulemani is using the pretext of imminent attacks is a lie!
 As a retired Army Colonel, my assessment is that the decision to assassinate the top military leader of Iran was an incredibly stupid move done to shore up trumps political base for the 2020 election.
I suspect that many senior US military leaders are aghast at this decision to assassinate Sulemani because they know what the blowback is going to be!
I was in Iran in February 2019 for 10 days on a delegation. The Trump tweets that the United States may destroy 52 targets including Iranian cultural areas if it Iran dares respond to the death of their equivalent to the chairman of the joint Chiefs is taunting the Iranians!
It’s only the civilian warmongers who have no kids in the military that want this to happen!