Trump: Covid 19 War Criminal


Covid 19 War Criminal

Many of U.S. Covid 19 deaths were preventable

Today, April 28, 2020 marks a milestone!

In just 2 months, there have been more deaths in the United States from #COVID19 than there were during the nearly 2 decades long Vietnam War. 58,365 people have now died in the US from COVID-19. A total of 58,220 Americans died during the Vietnam War.

      Like the Vietnam war, the American deaths, and the millions killed in Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia, Iraq, etc. were preventable. The war in Vietnam, like the war in Iraq, etc. was based on lies.

      Trump has repeatedly lied about Covid 19. “We have it under control… Will go away in April. We’re in great shape… Coronavirus will disappear like a miracle… Coronavirus is a Democratic hoax… People recover by going to work… Anybody can get tests, and they’re perfect… I don’t take responsibility at all… Our response is a “10”… We’ve done a fantastic job…”   /608647/



                   In 2018 Trump fired the entire U.S. Pandemic response team. Trump delayed mass testing because he feared it would hurt his re-election bid.

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