Trump & MT. Rushmore speech July 3, 2020

Trump’s July 3, 2020 speech at Mount Rushmore was a rant about “Far Left Fascism,” by the Fascist in Chief himself.  He also said “The Social Justice movement wants to silence us, but we will not be silenced.”

He started off his speech by saying  “Mount Rushmore will forever stand as a monument and will never be desecrated.”  Trump needs to learn history.  The building of the Mount Rushmore monument of Washington, Jefferson, Roosevelt and Lincoln on the Black Hills sacred mountain was desecration itself.

Did you know that the Lakota Sioux were forcibly evicted from their land, and the mountain formerly known as Six Grandfathers was named after the first white man to express interest in it. In 1884, New York City lawyer Charles E. Rushmore asked his guide what Six Grandfathers was called. His guide replied, “Never had a name, but from now on we’ll call it Rushmore.”

Six Grandfathers was sacred to the Lakota Sioux. The mountain was named after the ancestral spirits who came to Lakota medicine man Black Elk in a vision, and any construction on that land would have been an insult…

Native American Protesters Blocked the Road Leading Up to Mount Rushmore and Faced Off With the National Guard in the Hours Before Trump’s Fiery Speech
Ashley Collman, Business Insider
Collman writes: “A group of mainly Native American protesters blocked the road leading up to Mount Rushmore for three hours before President Donald Trump gave a speech at the national monument Friday night.”

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