Articles addressing pending climate catastrophe

Reducing Energy Consumption: The Only Long-Range Solution to Climate Change

by Richard Heinberg
Unless we’re willing to give up some of our power over nature—our power to extract and transform resources and deliver the goods that we have come to rely on—then we’re destined to careen from one disaster to the next until our worst fears are realized.

by Jane Vosburg
Fires, floods, killer heat-waves, droughts, and hurricanes are ravaging homes and families throughout the world. Some fear that this might be the new normal; however, the truth is that this is just the start of something much worse.
by Andrea Germanos
“An increasing number of people around the world are suffering from ever more severe and frequent impacts of climate change, yet government action continues to lag behind what is needed.”
by Kenny Stancil
“The Federal Reserve’s role is not to surrender our planet to corporate polluters and shepherd our financial system to its destruction,” said Rep. Rashida Tlaib, among the Democrats urging the Fed to end fossil fuel financing.


by Brett Wilkins
“No equitable or just climate solutions can emerge from such an unjust process.”

And needless to say we urgently need to drastically cut the budget of the greatest consumer of oil and producer of CO2 on the planet — the US military budget and redirect such spending to healing the earth and building a more justi global community.

Jim Albertini