Honolulu Star Advertiser letter on Military pollution

Letters: Military pollutes isles while denying effects

From chemical and biological weapons tested in Hilo’s watershed, to the Red Hill fuel leaks on Oahu ending up in people’s drinking water, to a wide range of toxins in live-fire training at Pohakuloa, including depleted uranium oxide (DU oxide) dust particles blowing in the wind, contaminating people, plants and animals, and the air, water and land — Hawaii is a military sacrifice zone.

Authorities always act too little, too late. The military has been polluting for decades. It denied the dangers of Agent Orange. Groundwater around many bases where munitions and rockets are fired is polluted and causing cancer.

Hawaii’s U.S. Sens. Brian Schatz and Mazie Hirono, and U.S. Reps. Ed Case and Kai Kahele have done little to nothing about toxins at Pohakuloa blowing in the wind for decades.

The military is Hawaii’s “golden calf” false god. It’s time to close the Red Hill fuel tanks. Don’t rebuild them anywhere. It’s time to stop bombing Pohakuloa, shut it down and clean it up. It’s time to demilitarize Hawaii and end the illegal U.S. occupation.

JIm Albertini

Kurtistown, Hawaii island

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