War in Libya


Libya is the latest example of a war for oil and regime change disguised as a charitable benefit –saving civilian lives.  Many people swallowed it hook, line and sinker, and the oil companies, big banks and the arms merchants couldn’t be happier. The danger of the ever expanding military/industrial complex that former President and General Dwight David Eisenhower warned about 50 years ago is now a full grown rogue elephant trampling all in its path.

Let’s be clear.  In the war in Libya, the U.S. provided NATO with funds, war planes, drones, bombs and intelligence, spending billions to expand wars abroad instead of creating jobs at home.  The U.S. and NATO acted in violation of the UN resolutions by bombing civilians to save them, avoided any efforts at a negotiated settlement, and illegally pursued regime change from the get go.  In short, the U.S. and NATO chose sides in a civil war and became the rebel air force. Obama began the war without seeking congressional authorization as required by the U.S. Constitution.  The war in Libya moved the world from the rule of law to the rule of force by international thugs acting on behalf of economic vested interests.

U.S. Congressman Dennis Kucinich, has raised serious questions about U.S. involvement in Libya. “Was the United States’ Central Intelligence Agency involved in planning for regime change prior to events in February and March in Benghazi? Did the CIA and its assets have a role in fomenting a civil war?   Was the United States, through participation in the overthrow of the regime, furthering the aims of international oil corporations in pursuit of control over one of the world’s largest oil resources?”

Kucinich goes on to point out that although the Iraq war was suppose to be over by year’s end, that Obama promise appears to be fading.  And it appears that the U.S. presence in Afghanistan is open-ended.  The latest reports describe a U.S. commitment in Afghanistan through 2024.  Kucinich then makes a very profound statement that echo’s Eisenhower’s warning of 50 years ago. “This raises the question as to whether the (Obama) Administration has full control over the military and intelligence apparatus.”

There is no indication that Barrack Obama is bucking the Generals and the CIA.  But fifty years ago John F. Kennedy was turning from a cold warrior to a peace President. Kennedy bucked the CIA, the Generals, and the arms industry over policies dealing with Cuba, the Soviet Union, disarmament, and withdrawal of troops from Vietnam.

Today, the tragic truth is the U.S. has become the Global RoboCop Assassination “Special Ops” team run by the CIA and the Generals on behalf of Big oil, the banks, and armament industries.  If anyone seriously gets in their way, they will get the same treatment as Saddam Husein, Osama Bin Laden, Rev. Martin Luther King, and John F. Kennedy.


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