Please take this short Peace Survey!

Please Take this short Peace Survey!


We need your help and ideas for peace organizing. This short survey was initiated by Danny Li.  We are living in dangerous times.  Besides the ongoing war in Ukraine, there appears to be an increasing possibility of direct conflict with Russia, and/or China, possibly even escalating to nuclear war.  And of course, Climate Catastrophe hangs in the air.

Please send completed surveys to, by September 15, 2022.  Also indicate if you’d like a copy of the compiled results. No names or contacts of individual respondents will be revealed.   Copy of compiled results _____yes,  _____No.


Q1–How would you honestly rate the state of the US Peace movement today? Please rank  from 1 to 5, 1 being “Low to nonexistent” and 5 being “Strong & vibrant”)

Answer ______


Q2– How would you rate the state of the Hawai’i Peace movement today? (Please rank from 1 to 5)

Answer ______


Q3–Please list 3 main reasons for the current state of the Peace movement.





Q4–What specific suggestions can you offer to improve the state of the Peace movement?





Q5–How will you be willing to help improve the situation? Please check areas of interest:   ___ joining vigils & demonstrations, ___ contacting local & federal officials, ___ sign making, ____ fund raising,  ___ community outreach,  Other ideas __________





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