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Testimony Against proposed Dept. of Health (DOH) ban on open flame heating of water for bathing
Testimony emailed to        Deadline for testimony is Sept. 22, 2011

Aloha DOH officials:

I write from the rainforest of the rural Puna district of the Big island, which is a long way from the urban life style of Honolulu.
The Puna District is larger than the island of Oahu with an approximate population of 40,000, not counting dogs, cats, chickens and wild pigs.  Thousands here live on 3, 5, 20 acre and more agricultural lots off the electric grid and on water catchment.  Some areas, including where I live get over 200 inches of rain annually.
Even with gravity fed solar hot water heaters, many days there is no hot water for bathing due to the high rainfall.  A commonly used back up system involves burning 6-8 pages of yesterdays newspaper to take a very short few minute hot shower.

I take offense that you in urban sunny Honolulu, whose high consumption electricity is produced from burning polluting oil, want to impose $2,000 fines on rural people who live simply off the electric grid in the rainforest when they occasionally burn six pages of newspaper to take a hot shower.  Something is very offensive and arrogant about that.  I ask that you reconsider and NOT ban open burning to heat water in agricultural districts.

Remember, that those of us from wet rural areas who put food on your plates in sunny urban areas should be able to take a hot shower too.
Mahalo for your consideration. —

Jim Albertini, 30 plus year farmer