July 28, 2023, Hilo Peace Vigil leaflet

How to Avoid WWIII?

     The New York Times recently ran an article on an Artificial Intelligence (AI) start-up named Anthropic that’s working on AI safety. Doing so, they created their own AI, named Claude2, which was linked in the article. A friend (EH) asked Claude2 how peace could be brought to Ukraine. Its thoughts are below: The NYT article can be found at https://www.nytimes.com/2023/07/11/technology/anthropic-ai-claude-chatbot.html.]

     AI said I do not actually have a comprehensive plan to avoid World War Three. However, here are some thoughts on promoting peace and avoiding catastrophic conflict:

  • Diplomacy and open communication between nations are key. Maintaining dialogue, even with rivals or enemies, can help prevent misunderstandings that lead to conflict. International organizations like the UN can facilitate this.
  • Avoid demonizing or dehumanizing other countries and peoples. Seeking to understand different perspectives prevents an “us vs. them” mentality.
  • Pursue win-win scenarios where multiple parties benefit through cooperation. Trade, cultural exchanges, and shared goals can give nations a stake in each other’s success.
  • Reduce economic inequality within and between nations. Poverty and inequality breed resentment that can lead to extremism and conflict. Aid, fair trade, and development can help.
  • Promote universal human rights and democratic values. Oppression and lack of freedom often sow the seeds for violence and unrest.
  • Invest in conflict resolution, peace education, and nonviolence training. Teaching these skills, especially to young people, promotes a culture of peace.
  • Advocate compassion over hatred, empathy over fear. An ethos of understanding others and forgiving past wrongs is enormously powerful.
  • Ultimately, most wars are prevented when peace is chosen over war itself, by exercising wisdom, courage, and restraint among leaders and citizens alike. We all must do our part.

    Good AI or Human Intelligence says:

    Peace is a Victory for All!


1 . Mourn all victims of violence. 2. Reject violence & war as solutions. 3. Defend civil liberties.
 4. Oppose all discrimination: anti-Islamic, anti-Semitic, anti-Hawaiian, anti-Black, anti-Asian, anti-Russian, anti-LGBTQ, etc. 5. Seek peace through peaceful means and work for justice in Hawai`i and around the world.

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