Global Nuclear Poisoning!

Remember Fukushima

March 11, 2017 marks the 6th anniversary of the Fukushima Nuclear disaster. Six years after the initial disaster radiation readings keep increasing and the disaster spreads.

Fukushima radiation map

Fukushima map #2

Nuclear War, Nuclear Power, and man-made Global Warming Climate Disaster pose the greatest risks to life and civilization on planet earth.

      “On March 11th 2011 a huge earthquake (14h46 local time) and the following tsunami (15h35 local time) caused the cooling of the reactors and the cooling of the spent fuel pools of the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear plants to fail. A non-stoppable nuclear disaster unveiled.

      The release of radioactive material occurred through pressure relief, uncontrolled release of radioactive steam, fires, explosions and leakage and seepage of (massive amounts of) contaminated water. Contrary to the Chernobyl disaster 30 years ago this disaster happened in multiple reactors at once – and it is still ongoing.”

      Today, “the radiation levels on the site are far higher than any human could possibly survive, so engineers are using purpose-built “scorpion” robots with cameras attached to survey the scale of the damage. The latest attempt to harvest data on Fukushima failed after a robot designed by Toshiba to withstand high radiation levels died five times faster than expected.” Another important article

Nuclear Disaster – Never Again!

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