Message to Hawaii State Senator Kai Kahele

To Senator Kai Kahele sent via his Facebook post promoting the F-22s  visit to Hilo for the keiki.

                              F-22 Raptor

SHAME on you Kai for glorifying these “FALSE GODS OF METAL” $412 million each and $68,000 per hour to fly according to Wikipedia. Those 4 planes totaled more than $1.6 BILLION. That’s money that should be used to feed the hungry, house the homeless, medical care, education, fixing the roads, etc. As a promoter of these planes You should have been at the airport during Thursday’s tours when five of us were harassed by Airport police blocking us from holding signs and offering peace leaflets to those attending. After we raised possible civil rights legal action for first amendment free speech violations Airport Police supervisor Grace Castillo arrived on scene. She then talked to her boss and told the police to back off and respect our first amendment free speech right to hold signs and pass out leaflets. You and the airport police owe us a public apology. This grotesque display of killing machines during the very week when Jewish worshipers were slaughtered in Pittsburgh, black senior citizen shoppers in a Kentucky grocery store killed by a racist, and package bombs sent through the mail to more than 14 Trump opponents — all shows the glorification of violence and weapons of mass destruction, from AR 15s to F-22 Raptors. Auwe!