May 17, 2024 Hilo Peace Vigil leaflet — Speak out to Protect Pohakuloa and Stop the Bombing!

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View the public testimony on the May 7, 2024, Hilo public hearing concerning

the Pohakuloa lease renewal overwhelmingly opposed by testifiers.

Hearing On Pōhakuloa EIS Held In Hilo

KITV news story on the Hilo Hearing:


The Hawaii Tribune-Herald, Thursday, May 9, 2024 has a front page article on the hearing.




No Military Lease Renewal, No Land Swaps, Stop the Bombing and Desecration, Make the Military Clean Up its Toxic Mess, Return the Land to the Kanaka Maoli, and pay reparations for the destruction of the ‘aina and psychological injuries caused.

The Big Lie – “We are Stewards of the Land” PTA commander

LTC Timothy Alvarado,

A Few Simple Truths: Testimony by Jim Albertini

1. Millions of live rounds are fired annually at Pohakuloa by the Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines, and foreign troops involving a wide range of weapon systems from dozens of firing points on land leased from the State of Hawaii. (p. 52 of draft2 EIS) in State Conservation zoned protected land.

2. Depleted Uranium (DU) is just one of many toxins used at the 132,000+ acre site in over 75 years of bombing and shelling. DU oxide particles can be carried long distances in the wind and when inhaled can cause a wide range of cancers, birth defects, and even genetic damage passed to future generations. A comprehensive, independent investigation of all toxins at PTA is needed, not the military mongoose telling us that everything if OK in the Big Island hen house.

3. Pohakuloa is a Lahaina firestorm in the making for Hawaii Island and the danger is increasing with climate change. There have been 892 recorded fires attributable to military activities at PTA since 1975 according to the military. The military says “many fire records prior to 2012 have been lost.” (p. 354) One year before the Lahaina fire, a fire started at PTA burned more than 17,700 acres, including more than 12,400 acres outside of PTA , destroying endangered native species. PTA has the highest concentration of endangered species of any US Army installation in the world.

4. Whatever happens mauka comes makai. We are all downwind, downhill of Pohakuloa. The military poisoning of military families and civilians from Red Hill jet fuel leaks into Oahu’s water table is not an isolated military toxic event. The US Army secretly tested chemical, biological, and deadly sarin nerve gas agents on leased lands in Hawaii’s watershed (Waiakea Forest Area). The military secret tests were repeatedly denied, but later confirmed. People spoke up in protest and the lease was canceled.

5. Claims of US owned lands at Pohakuloa are misleading. Most lands at PTA, like the 84,000 acres that includes the live fire impact area were not purchased, but simply seized by an Executive order (EO. along with the 758 acres that includes the main base Cantonment area and Bradshaw Air field. Kaho’olawe was also seized by an Executive Order and finally returned by a new Executive Order.

     Learn more: Read the PTA Environmental Impact Statement here to submit comments in writing by mail, email. Deadline is June 7, 2024. For more detailed testimony by Jim Albertini on the Pohakuloa EIS see Also See the 11-minute video — How the Army Got to Bomb Hawaii For $1 Pohakuloa 14 min. video “Now that you Know, Do You Care?” Also the video of Dr. Lorrin Pang, M.D., public health officer, retired 24 years in the Army Medical Corps, and listed in the Who’s Who (top 3%) of America’s Best Doctors explaining the health dangers of inhaling DU oxide dust particles Also read – A Brief History Of US Military Poisoning Of Hawai’i – PopularResistance.Org

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