Protest at Kukio –Vacation land of the 1%

Occupy Protest at Kuki’o –vacation land of the 1% north of Kailua-Kona — the private jet setters with their homes in the tens of millions of dollars, some hundreds of millions while 26% of children on this island don’t know where their next meal is coming from.  The gap between rich and poor is increasing.
A few dozen activists held signs from 10AM till 1PM, New Year’s eve fronting Kuki’o. I was surprised we were not countered by the “Gathering of Eagles” but I guess even the “Walking Eagles” don’t want to wave flags in support of the 1%.
The protest went well, a lot of honks from passerby, but Kuki’o security denied us access to the King’s Trail and even the public rest rooms at the bottom of Kukio Nui Dr. There was no sign of caring, sharing, or repentance by the 1% Here are a few photos taken by Rusty Orr.