How Low Can the U.S. Go?


Common Dreams headlines this morning “US Drone Blitz on Pakistan Continues,” pointing out that nearly thirty people have been slaughtered in Pakistan over the past three days from US drone (unmanned aerial vehicle) bombing, the most recent of which targeted mourners at a funeral.  We now know that, after our leaders decide who should be killed from photos and flimsy evidence, they then follow up by bombing the funerals of those they’ve killed, assuming that whoever shows up for the funeral must also be a terrorist. How low can the U.S. Go? Pakistan’s foreign ministry condemned the attacks as “illegal” under international law.

It is unlikely that, from the most powerful nation on earth, the leaders will ever be hauled off to the International Court of Justice for trials, and so we have a world in which the hatreds are compounded daily until people are so filled with rage about this criminal activity that they become “terrorists,” seeking revenge for the loss of their mothers, their children, and other loved ones, which our ruling Forces of Greed count on as “justification” to continue the wars which are now seen all over the world as terrorism themselves.

End the Cycle of Violence!
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