Mahalo for Ohana Ho’olaulea Kokua

                                    June 7, 2012

Dear  friends who helped in the Ohana Ho’opakele  Ho’olaulea


Our Ho`olaule`a was a success due to your support!  So far , we have made more than $ 3,500 profit.  And this was our first Ho`olaule`a ever.

Without the musicians donating themselves, as well as the donated goods, kokua with food, photos, video, the educational tent, ticket sales, etc. we would not have been so successful.

Mahalo plenty!

Upon reflection, we learned to have the Ho`olaule`a on the first or second weekend of the month, not to clash with graduation ceremonies, and to give more tim to selling tickets.

If you have other advice to share with us, please do!

We will never forget your kokua!

On behalf of the Ohana Ho`opakele board,

Uncle Sam Kaleleiki Jr.
Jim Albertini
Ronald Fujiyoshi
Kini Burke